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Proceedings of conferences and study forums

On Common Ground 
1 (1996) On Common Ground, 78 pp [Contents]£6.00
2 (1998) Continuity and Change, 104 pp [Contents]£8.00
3 (2001) John Playford and the English Dancing Master, 1651, 138 pp [Contents][Download]
4 (2003) The Problems of Reconstruction and Re-creation in Dance before 1850, 96 pp [Contents]£8.00
5 (2005) Dance in Drama, Drama in Dance, 64 pp [Contents]£7.00
6 (2007) The Minuet in Time and Space, 62 pp [Contents]£7.00
7 (2009) Kings and Commoners: Dances of Display for Court, City and Country, 50 pp [Contents]£6.00

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