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Il Ballarino - 16th century Italian dances

Published for DHDS Summer School 1986

Book: Il Ballarino - 16th century Italian dances (out of print)

This book is currently out of print. A revised edition will be available in the future.

Originally published as Quest' Arte Gentile for Summer School 1986. Dance research by Anne Daye. Music prepared by Diana Porteus and Jeremy Barlow. The music appeared on Il Ballarino - Italian Dances, c 1600 by Jeremy Barlow and The Broadside Band, published by Hyperion Helios CDH55059 (reissue of Hyperion CDA66244).

Contents: 1. Allegrezza d'Amore, 2. Celeste Giglio, 3. Alta Carretta, 4. Bassa Gioiosa, 5. La Nizzarda, 6. Forza d'Amore, 7. Dolce Amoroso Fuoco, 8. Canario, 9. Ballo del Fiore

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