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Restoring the Steps to Playford’s Country Dance

Cecil Sharp House, Camden, London on Saturday 29th November 3.00-6.00pm

At this year’s AGM there will be an inviting - and free - workshop led by Chair, Anne Daye, to explore the steps used in country dances published by Playford, restoring them to the figures of the dance for dancers of today. The dances will be chosen from the Restoration period (c1660-1700) when both the older style and the new French style were in evidence. Music will be provided by Ian Cutts on violin.

You don’t need to be a DHDS member to join the workshop - although we rather hope that non members will think of joining!

We welcome all enthusiasts for English country dance to what we are sure will be an informative and enjoyable experience.

Candlemas Revel at Halsway Manor, Somerset

Friday 30th January – Sunday 1st February 2015
An English manor house revel with dancing, music, feast and entertainment in an authentic setting at Halsway Manor.

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Study Forum 2015: Dance Disguised & Obscured

London, 21st-22nd March 2015. Bookings now open.

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For other events, see the web site maintained by Stefan Kuhn which provides listings of events in Europe and the USA classified by country, period, type of event, and so on.

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