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Study Forum 2015: Dance Disguised & Obscured

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd March 2015

Council Chamber, Deptford Town Hall (Goldsmiths, University of London), New Cross Road, London, SE14 6AF

A stimulating programme of papers, workshops and discussion.
Topics led by researchers, teachers and practitioners relating to theatrical, social and traditional dance and performance from the 15th century to now.


Saturday 21st March 10.30-19.00

A new source for the study of Spanish baroque dance

Diana Campòo Schelotto
Paper and workshop
Abstract and CV

The mask in the French court ballet 1573 - 1681

Gerrit Berenike Heiter
Paper and workshop
Abstract and CV

Recreating dances from Lambranzi (1715) for the 18th century stage

Barbara Segal
Paper and workshop
Abstract and CV

Discussion Forum chaired by Jennifer Thorp

Wine Reception

Sunday 22nd March 10.30-17.15

Mumming and disguising in 15th century England specific to the works of John Lydgate

Hazel Dennison
Paper and workshop
Abstract and CV

The interplay between the dances of the gentry and the morris in 17th century England

Jeremy Monson
Abstract and CV

Stave dancing: the discovery and revival of a lost tradition

Chloe Metcalfe
Paper and workshop
Abstract and CV

Mumming: disguised and obscured by scholarship?

Peter Harrop
Abstract and CV

Exploration of mumming and related plays, including associated dances

Adrian Burrows
Paper, demonstration and workshop
Abstract and CV

Discussion Forum chaired by Ann Hinchliffe

All workshops will be suitable for participants of varied experience: wear loose comfortable clothing and soft-soled dance shoes. You are also welcome to observe and engage in the discussions.


Both days £55, Saturday only £32, Sunday only £27
Students: Both days £30, one day £18

The costs include all refreshments and a sandwich lunch on each day, as well as the wine reception on Saturday.

We can accept sterling cheques, made payable to DHDS, bank transfers, credit cards and PayPal.

To book by post and pay by cheque or bank transfer, download leaflet and booking form (pdf) and send it to the event administrator at the address given on the form.

To book on-line and pay by credit card or email, use the on-line booking form.

Enquiries to the event administrator: Lynne Spicer, email: conference@dhds.org.uk

Deadline for bookings: 2 March 2015


Travel details on www.gold.ac.uk/findus

Accommodation: hotels, etc. in Greenwich, 5 minutes by bus or a short walk.

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