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Study Forum 2015: Dance Disguised & Obscured

Goldsmiths, University of London
21-22 March 2015

A stimulating programme of papers, workshops and discussion led by researchers, teachers and practitioners relating to theatrical, social and traditional dance and performance from the 15th century to now.

Diana Campòo SchelottoA new source for the study of the Spanish baroque dance: Choregraphie figurativa, y demonstrativa del Arte de Danzar, en la forma española de Nicolás Noveli (Madrid, 1708) (Paper and workshop). Abstract
Barbara SegalRecreating dances from Lambranzi (1715) for the 18th century stage (Paper and workshop). Abstract
Jennifer ThorpDance as disguise and deception: Entrée de Matelot 1706 (Paper and workshop)
Anne DayeA very obscure dance: La pavanne a sept passages dont le premier a vingt huict pas (Instruction pour dancer c. 1612) (Paper and workshop)
Hazel Dennison'In wyse of mommers desguysed'; the nature of mumming and disguising in fifteenth century England specific to the works of John Lydgate (Paper and workshop). Abstract
Jeremy MonsonThe interplay between the dances of the gentry and the morris in 17th century England (Paper). Abstract
Chloe MetcalfeStave dancing: the discovery and revival of a lost tradition (Paper and workshop). Abstract
Peter HarropMumming: disguised and obscured by scholarship? (Paper). Abstract
Adrian BurrowsA Practical exploration of mumming and related plays, including associated dances (Introduction, demonstration and workshop). Download (pdf)

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