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On Common Ground 2: Continuity and Change

14 March 1998

The conference explored the concepts of continuity and change as seen in the sources for historical dance, and in current research, re-creation and performance. The proceeding containing all the papers are published by DHDS (see publications pages).

Barbara Sparti Early Dance research and performance: past, present and future (Keynote paper) . Download
Hazel Dennison Beyond the ballroom: dance as theatre art in 15th-century Europe . Download
Michael E. Lutz Continuity and change within the two dance treatises of Fabritio Caroso . Download
Diana Cruickshank Caroso's two versions of 'Allegrezza d'Amore' . Download
Jennifer Thorp The effectiveness of Beauchamp-Feuillet notation as a means of recording dance in the eigtheenth century . Download
Helene Kázarová One music - two dances: Sarabande by Lully . Download
Madeleine Inglehearn Queen Anne's dancing master . Download
Sarah McCleave A continuing tradition? Manifestations of the grotesque in Purcell and Handel . Download
Anne Daye Strange and fantastic motions: witches and furies in theatre dance . Download
David Wilson The missing link . Download

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